Have you ever used Composer?

logo-composer-transparentYou have, right?

Like all the time. Ever since you found a framework no doubt. I mean, ever since I found Symfony 2, I have used and loved Composer.

Stuff like this amazes me. That the open source community can provide such an incredible feature just for the love of creating helpful software just blows my mind.

But I digress.

If you do use Composer (we already established that you do, right?), then no doubt you have heard of Packagist. Another amazing site / tool / play on words.


Just this evening I needed it for finding a suitable payment processing class.

Now, it comes back with tons of results. That’s always a great start.

But critically – it doesn’t let you sort the results. Boo. Hiss.

And also, I wanted to send them / him / her a quick bit of feedback, but they (him/her?) want to open my default email client to do so. It’s 2013, get a contact form!

But aside from those two little niggles, it’s such an amazing site. And it helped me find a great payment processing bundle.

Amazing enough to make me write a blog post about it. So it must be doing something right.

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2 thoughts on “Have you ever used Composer?”

  1. It’s 2014, please use a mailto: anchor instead of a contact form. Of course you should use your own mail client to send an email. It makes traceability and security much easier. In addition, composing an email in your own mail application should be more comfortable than a random contact form on the web (your mail app is customised to your needs etc.)
    In addition, if you want a sort functionality on packagist, please fork https://github.com/composer/packagist add a sorting functionality and create a pull request 🙂

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